DermLink: Answers About Your Skin in 24 Hours

Telemedicine is another field leveraging smart phones to bring doctors faster to your aid. DermLink is an online platform where you can upload images of suspicious skin conditions and within 24 [...]


stickK: How Well Does Money Motivate?

As discussed in an August post on stickK and GymPact, money is one motivator that is becoming more prominent in health and wellness. As I described previously: On stickK.com, when you don’t hit [...]


Interview: Dr. Wayne Guerra, iTriage Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

I interviewed iTriage Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wayne Guerra, and we touched upon how he and Dr. Peter Hudson came up with the idea for iTriage and how the business continues to [...]


Proteus: Ingestible Sensors – The New Age of e-Pills

Proteus Digital Health makes ingestible sensors, embedded in the medications you normally take. The sensor is powered by your stomach fluids (works like a potato battery) and captures information [...]


Foster: Medication Reminder & Cheapest Med Finder

Foster is a medication reminder for your phone. What sets it apart from other apps is that it also finds the cheapest prices for your meds based on your location. Foster is the newest app [...]


Lumosity: Brain Games! (for Cognitive Enhancement)

Lumosity lets you pick which cognitive areas you want to improve on and then gives you specific games to play each day to work on those areas. When you sign up you get 3 free days of training. [...]


iTriage: Your Answer to “What’s wrong with me?”

My biggest concern with healthcare apps is that there are too many of the same thing, and no easy way to integrate the data from one application to another. Is there a place to keep my exercise [...]