Hi.Q: An IQ Test That Knows You Better Than You Think You Do

Munjal Shah spoke at Health 2.0’s WinterTech conference last month, about his newest start up, Hi.Q, and his goal to improve health knowledge and literacy. What is the best way to measure health [...]

Beddit And Forget It: Unobtrusive Sleep Tracking Unveils Habits

The Beddit Sleep Tracker uses ballistocardiography (BCG) to track activity including heartbeat, respiration, and movement, in order to analyze sleep quality, duration, and patterns. Unlike other [...]

Project POLE: Tracky Senses Entire Body Movements, Enhances Workout

  Fitness tracking and training is becoming a global phenomenon. Project POLE is a Bangalore, India based technology company focused on designing wearable technology for sports and fitness [...]

Wearable Baby Trackers: The Newest Technologies for Millennial Moms

The list of parental worries – especially newborn related ones – is a long one, with SIDS, choking while sleeping, rolling while sleeping, and breathing issues as top concerns. Infant wearables [...]

Ovatemp: A Natural Way To Improve Pregnancy Chances

Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, Ovatemp helps women either time their intercourse with ovulation, or interpret natural fertility symptoms to avoid pregnancy. The [...]

Totally Pregnant: A Platform for Expecting Moms, Weekly Updates and Videos

Totally Pregnant is a platform for women looking for tips, community, videos, and tailored information on pregnancy. Users can tailor the dashboard to fit individual needs, such as location and [...]

Babyscripts: An App Prescribed To Keep Pregnancy Easy

1EQ‘s first product, Babyscripts, connects moms-to-be with their OBs for the full 9 months of pregnancy, keeping mom and doctor connected during the time in-between appointments. The app is [...]

Fertility and Pregnancy Tracking Apps: Glow, Ovia, OvuView

Easy to download and easy to use, fertility and pregnancy apps can help users track daily changes and goals – starting immediately. In addition to period and fertility tracking, companies [...]


Under Armour Acquisitions: MyFitnessPal and Endomondo, Creates World’s Largest Digital Fitness and Health Community

Under Armour announced solid Q4 and year end sales yesterday, as well as two new acquisitions. The Company increased 2014 sales to $3.08 billion, which is a 32% increase over 2013 revenues, [...]

Headspace: A Personal Trainer for Your Mind

Andy Puddicombe is a meditation and mindfulness expert – you might have seen his Ted Talk, discussing the benefits of directing 10 minutes a day to doing nothing but focusing on ourselves [...]

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