AmpStrip: Athletes Excited for Discrete 24/7 Activity Monitoring, Adheres Directly To Skin

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FitLinxx started developing health and fitness tracking/monitoring devices twenty years ago, giving their partners better access to sensors and data analysis tools. In January 2015, the Company launched its first consumer product called AmpStrip, a heart rate and activity monitoring device worn directly on the skin. It is small, discrete, waterproof, and packed with sensors. Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO and President, tells us more about this innovative device.

AmpStrip athlete

How does AmpStrip fit with FitLinxx’s other lines of business?

DM: FitLinxx has developed industry-leading enterprise health and fitness technology for more than 20 years. Our wellness applications and devices are leveraged by partners and fitness facility operators across the world in various employer wellness and interactive fitness programs. AmpStrip leverages our two decades of building devices to track fitness and activity and takes it one step further with the innovative adhesive design. It is a smart and accurate heart rate and activity monitor that is comfortable, durable and discrete.

How did the Company decide on a patch form?

DM: Athletes know heart rate is key to understanding how your body is performing and that continuously monitoring through training, sleep and recovery provides the best insights to improve performance. The existing heart rate monitors on the market really didn’t provide a good way to track data around the clock and through any type of exercise. Heart rate straps are uncomfortable. Watches can be bulky, get in the way, and have fit issues that result in inaccurate activity measurement during a workout. Neither option can really be worn continuously so even more critical data is lost about rest and recovery.

We knew athletes needed something more comfortable, accurate and easy-to-use. After researching the market, we developed the adhesive design of AmpStrip. The AmpStrip adheres to the body like a Band-Aid® with a medical-grade adhesive that allows users to monitor their activity in a completely unobtrusive manner 24/7. And since it’s waterproof and can be worn during showers and while swimming, you really can stick it on and forget it, while simultaneously getting more and better data than with any other product.

Ampstrip athletes

Is the product being augmented for use in medical research or for more casual fitness enthusiasts?

DM: AmpStrip is for competitive athletes who want to improve their performance and can also be used by anyone looking to monitor their heart rate and activity. AmpStrip’s advanced technology may eventually lead to medical-grade health trackers, pending FDA approval.

What are the top indicators AmpStrip is calibrated to capture, and are there ones currently being worked on for the next generation?

DM: AmpStrip tracks four main components: resting heart rate, heart rate recovery, exercise load and heart rate variability. With around the clock monitoring, AmpStrip is then able to support training decisions at three key times: instantaneously, previous days’ workouts, and over time. During training, the AmpStrip will let you monitor your heart rate in real time so you can adjust your intensity as needed. Previous day workout data that include sleep and recovery measurements will help you plan ahead for the next workout to adjust for intensity and prevent overtraining and historical data helps you measure changes in overall fitness level and evaluate your improvement.

As far as what’s to come, we’re constantly researching new capabilities for future generations of the product, so stay tuned!

What are the most common questions or concerns on the product?

DM: Consumers often ask about the placement of the AmpStrip on the torso. The right answer is that AmpStrip should be worn on the left side of your chest just below your pectoral muscle. This is the best place as it’s close to the heart, where our sensitive single lead ECG sensor will capture the best heart rate signal.

AmpStrip is expected to be commercially available late summer of 2015 and can be preordered in the meantime on Indiegogo. The original campaign was 734% funded on February 28, 2015.

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