Focus Topic – The Aging Population

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By 2030, the number of Americans age 65 and older will double to about 71 million. Not only are people living longer but more people want to stay at home as they grow older, and there are fewer caregivers nearby to help. With more than 80% of senior citizens having at least one chronic disease (and half having two), home care technology needs to prove it can help citizens live the home life they want to have.

Startups focused on senior care are starting to gain serious traction. Caring for and enhancing the lifestyle of this population is important and challenging. While there are many different verticals in the space (sites that create a private social network for families, companies focused on medication management and tech enabled pill bottles, platforms for family video chatrooms), we’d like to focus this month on the connected home and wearables.

Connected home products span from safety watch and sensor combos like Lively, for emergency response along with medication reminders and step counting, to passive home monitoring sensors like BeClose, also with emergency alert capabilities. Wearables range from Quell, a drug free, FDA cleared wearable therapy solution for people suffering from chronic pain, to CarePredict’s Tempo, a wearable sensor that tracks small changes in a wearer’s daily routine. Stay tuned to see how aging independently can be made easier, more beautiful, and less conspicuous with technology.

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