Babyscripts: An App Prescribed To Keep Pregnancy Easy

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1EQ‘s first product, Babyscripts, connects moms-to-be with their OBs for the full 9 months of pregnancy, keeping mom and doctor connected during the time in-between appointments. The app is prescription only, so to get access ask your doctor for a script.

The app lists the tasks and to-do’s that are specifically assigned to you by your OB. It helps patients remember important tasks and OBs can better track their patient population. Babyscripts also comes with wifi connected weight and blood pressure devices for monitoring vital stats at home. Additionally, the app has a repository of pregnancy-related information, like ‘the ideal weight gain at 24 weeks, or what types of cheeses you can or can’t eat.’

For providers, next year Meaningful Use Stage 3 compliance is due – and Babyscripts can track compliance to an evidence-based care plan by showing an improvement quality, safety, and efficiency of OB visits and tracking, leading to improved health outcomes.

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