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BetterDoctor wants to help you find the right doctor, faster. The redesigned website is clear and crisp. You can bookmark favorite doctors and easily share their profiles with friends and family.

My only issue is that signups are done through Facebook. Most websites have an option – sign up through Facebook or use your own login. My personal preference is to keep my Facebook and the rest of my online presence separate. But, I’d love to hear from readers about their experience with BetterDoctor.


1. Save your favorite doctors, find ones that accept your insurance plan and are close in proximity to you, and share your doctors with friends and family.
2. Integration with Yelp: This is exactly what I want and takes a step out of the process of checking Yelp myself.
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  • Ari Tulla

    Thanks for the post and your question!

    Facebook is used as single-sign-on feature at BetterDoctor to make it easy and convenient for users to sign-up and share doctors. Facebook sign-up can also be more secure than random password that people often use on tens of different sites.

    Based on consumer feedback from you and various other people we have come into conclusion that not everyone is ready to use facebook login. To help you and other people we are planning to add another sign-up option in the coming months.

    Feel free to send more feedback to

    – Ari Tulla, Product Manager (CEO) at BetterDoctor

  • Alexisavvy

    That is great! Thanks for the response, and I can’t wait!

  • doctorhelp01

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