Bitbite: Lose Weight by Chewing Food Slower, More Regularly

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Bitbite is a small in-ear piece that has a built-in microphone tuned to collecting eating sounds. Using sound analysis and pattern recognition, the Company “’listens to your eating and guides you with real-time dietary advice.” The microphone also picks up voice annotations and can document what is being eaten when the user says the item name out loud. The key to the technology is that the Bitbite assesses chewing (quality, intervals, rates) based on the type of food and gives real-time suggestions to coach users on how to best eat that item.

Sounds a little too obtrusive? The device is constructed on the establishment that “when you slow down, chew more and eat at regular intervals you’ll be improving your nutrition, feeling better and shedding those extra pounds.” What’s interesting is that because the device knows what is being eaten, and how much/how fast, it can triangulate calorie intake. Wearables have been struggling to track calories more accurately, and this could certainly be one solution. Bitbite surpassed it’s Indiegogo campaign, and is estimated to ship this summer for early backers.


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