WHOOP: Pushing Performance, Preventing Injury

WHOOP has found a niche in the wearables world. It’s not worn by the average FitBit user (a self-directed classification) – instead, it’s used by elite athletes, coaches, and [...]

Nimb: A Smart Ring That Calls for Help

Nimb was built from experience. CEO and co-founder Leo Bereschansky, couldn’t believe that his friend was attacked on the street, and although she had a can of pepper spray and a phone, [...]

Swimmerix: Personalized Swim Tracker With Real Time Feedback

Swimmerix is a new swim efficiency and training tracker that uses both a lightweight wristband and a waterproof base to create a full feedback environment for swimmers. The portable base station [...]

AmpStrip: Athletes Excited for Discrete 24/7 Activity Monitoring, Adheres Directly To Skin

FitLinxx started developing health and fitness tracking/monitoring devices twenty years ago, giving their partners better access to sensors and data analysis tools. In January 2015, the Company [...]

Lumo Lift: Good Posture Never Looked So Good

Lumo BodyTech’s Lumo Lift is a discrete sensor that magnetically clips onto fabric close to the body. Worn near the shoulders, the sensor is then user-calibrated to acknowledge the dimensions of [...]

Project POLE: Tracky Senses Entire Body Movements, Enhances Workout

  Fitness tracking and training is becoming a global phenomenon. Project POLE is a Bangalore, India based technology company focused on designing wearable technology for sports and fitness [...]

January is for Healthcare

The dust has finally settled from a barrage of January healthcare conferences, from CES, to JPMorgan to Health 2.0’s WinterTech. To recap, here are the highlights from the major releases and [...]


Myontec: Professional Level Intelligent Sportswear With Real-Time Audio-Coaching

Myontec launched its Kickstarter campaign last week to bring Mbody, intelligent sports shorts, to consumers. The shorts are packed with embedded sensors that monitor muscle load, balance ratio, [...]


Atheer: Truly Interactive, Touch-Free, Augmented Reality Glasses

I sat down with Sina Fateh, Executive Vice President, Ketan Joshi, VP of Marketing and Theo Goguely, Senior Product Manager of Atheer Labs at Health 2.0 to learn more about their immersive [...]


Beast: Improve Training Performance with Portable Sensor

These past two years, sensors have moved from measuring miles walked and steps taken to collecting data on muscle activity – including force, power, and velocity. These metrics can [...]