Thriva: I Took My Own Blood Sample – What it’s like to use the Thriva kit

Founded in 2016, Thriva’s mission is to prevent health issues before they occur by sending customers an at-home blood sampling kit each quarter. Available in the United Kingdom, customers [...]

Bitbite: Lose Weight by Chewing Food Slower, More Regularly

Bitbite is a small in-ear piece that has a built-in microphone tuned to collecting eating sounds. Using sound analysis and pattern recognition, the Company “’listens to your eating and guides you [...]

Quell: First Drug-Free And FDA Cleared Pain Relief Wearable Hits the Market

Raising over 300% of its goal on Indiegogo in less than two weeks, Quell, created by scientists and technologists at NeuroMetrix, is the first pain relief wearable to hit the market. Quell looks [...]

Lantern: Light Your Way to Emotional Health

Lantern is focused on improving mental health – helping people discover that emotional happiness can be heightened by controllable changes in behavior and thinking – like anxiety and stress. I [...]

Beddit And Forget It: Unobtrusive Sleep Tracking Unveils Habits

The Beddit Sleep Tracker uses ballistocardiography (BCG) to track activity including heartbeat, respiration, and movement, in order to analyze sleep quality, duration, and patterns. Unlike other [...]

Wearable Baby Trackers: The Newest Technologies for Millennial Moms

The list of parental worries – especially newborn related ones – is a long one, with SIDS, choking while sleeping, rolling while sleeping, and breathing issues as top concerns. Infant wearables [...]

Ovatemp: A Natural Way To Improve Pregnancy Chances

Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, Ovatemp helps women either time their intercourse with ovulation, or interpret natural fertility symptoms to avoid pregnancy. The [...]

Totally Pregnant: A Platform for Expecting Moms, Weekly Updates and Videos

Totally Pregnant is a platform for women looking for tips, community, videos, and tailored information on pregnancy. Users can tailor the dashboard to fit individual needs, such as location and [...]

New Beginnings

It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to usher in a redesign to our site, with more health technology, news, interviews, and insight. — From When I started [...]


A Fitness App Catered to Women: UA Women – I Will What I Want

Chris Glode, VP, Connected Fitness, Under Armour spoke at Health 2.0 about Under Armour’s redoubled efforts to focus specifically on women’s fitness. Their campaign, UA Women – I Will What I [...]

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