Fertility and Pregnancy Tracking Apps: Glow, Ovia, OvuView

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Easy to download and easy to use, fertility and pregnancy apps can help users track daily changes and goals – starting immediately. In addition to period and fertility tracking, companies are also releasing app companions for the nine months of pregnancy after conception. We’ll kick off Pregnancy and Baby Tracking month with the three below.

Glow has two apps – Glow (for trying to conceive as well as avoiding pregnancy) and Glow Nurture, a new app tracking the nine months from conception to birth.

Glow tracks period cycles and stores all the data needed to know when you are most likely to (and not to!) conceive. Users can set alerts to send intelligent reminders before their periods or fertile window starts, as well as link to a community of like-minded women. Here’s our previous interview with Glow Chairman, Max Levchin.

Glow Nurture keeps track of your weight and daily health, giving suggestions along the way. Once the due date is entered, the app gives daily info on your developing baby and relevantly timed articles. The app also helps with appointments and like the original Glow app, has a vibrant, open, community.

Both can be downloaded today on iOS and Android devices.

Ovuline has also released two apps – Ovia Fertility and Ovia Pregnancy.

Ovia Fertility tracks menstruation cycles and uses the collected data to quantify you when you’re the most fertile. The app lets users track data including periods, moods, and symptoms. There are also expert articles on conception and fertility as well as predictions and support for irregular periods. To cover all the bases, there is also a “not trying to conceive” mode.

Ovia Pregnancy lets pregnant mothers track weight, sleep, moods, activity, and more. The app sends real-time alerts when certain symptoms become potentially dangerous. You can set a personalized timeline of articles and pull answers to questions like foods to avoid, symptoms, and medications.

Both can be downloaded today on iOS and Android devices.

OvuView by Sleekbit is an Android ovulation and fertility tracker app.

The app can maximize your chances of conceiving or if avoidance is the goal, the app also provides a natural way of avoiding pregnancy through prediction and tracking of weight, headache, appetite, PMS and other symptoms. The pro version has a password protection option, email capabilities for transferring data and chart images for doctor review, and notifications.

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