Heal: You Don’t Need to Leave Home for Quality Care

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Heal is a doctor house call app that matches users with a nearby doctor within the hour and costs $99 flat. Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Renee Dua, MD, and her team launched the service in Los Angeles, CA in February, and most recently in San Francisco. “We are growing very fast and have 30% recurring users already,” says Dr. Dua. “Most of the growth can be attributed to word of mouth and a lot of ‘wow I don’t know why I would see a doctor any other way.’”

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Thanks to Uber and instant delivery on just about anything via Amazon, Google, Instacart and a slew of newcomers, going door to door has become more efficient. Dr. Dua explains, “In general there is no need to leave your house to do anything anymore. When you see your doctor at home you also develop a new relationship with her and can give your doctor better insight into your lifestyle. Your doctor can see that you are eating junk food, or if you are taking medications, you can run upstairs and get them to show your doctor.”


Heal is configured to find you a doctor within an hour of your search. The Company has a very high bar for its doctors. “I’m so proud of the quality of our doctors, their education, and their compassion. I’ve met every doctor who works on our service,” says Dr. Dua. And what draws doctors to a service like Heal? She explains, “It’s not about finances – we pay them very well. It’s not about having a job – they all have jobs. Every one of them says that they want to have more control over how much time they spend with their patients. Some visits are 5 minutes, and some are 40 minutes. Doctor’s choose Heal because they love the freedom to practice the kind of medicine they want to do.”

The app is starting to make a splash in the news and new patients are writing in, excited about the service. “I got an email from a woman who is pregnant. When you are pregnant it’s not that easy or safe to get around. She used our service, had a long 30 minute visit with a doctor and had all her questions answered in the comfort of her home.” While pregnant and new mothers are an expanding demographic, a couple new features are on Heal’s horizon to expand the company’s reach. “We’ll have the capacity to do all of this in Spanish, which is very near and dear to my heart. We are going to change the website a bit and most of our doctors already speak Spanish,” says Dr. Dua. “Additionally, we’ll be offering ancillary services like medication delivery. We will go to the pharmacy, pay the copay, and bring it to you.” In the future, Heal looks to add lab draws and lab processing, mobile imaging, flu shots and vaccines to its offerings. The service is live in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA at the time of publication.

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