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I haven’t spent much time looking at the ingredients list in my toothpaste, until this past week. The box on my shelf lists a number of inactive ingredients including sodium saccharin, blue 1, and something called ‘flavor.’ And while I hadn’t previously put much thought into toothpaste, after meeting with the team at hello, I’ve become more aware of the thing I use twice a day.

hello toothpaste

hello is reinventing oral care into something that is safe, effective, delicious, and fun. The toothpaste formulation is free from triclosan, artificial sweeteners (the FDA banned saccharin in the 70s, and sodas no longer use it as a sweetener today), and dyes. The brand can be found in stores like Walgreens and Target, with their kids line exclusively at Target, and encapsulates mouthwash, toothbrushes, and breath spray in the ever-expanding product family. The Company has a full pipeline of items to come, including floss and a whitening specific toothpaste to launch next year.

The founder and CEO, Craig Dubitsky, has a background in working with products that optimize on design and natural ingredients. He was an early investor and board member in Method, the co-founder and creative lead at eos, and the CMO of Popcorn, Indiana. We met at an intimate press dinner and Craig shared his vision for hello.

“The purpose of hello is to make oral care – something you use everyday – friendly,” Craig addresses the room. “What’s out there today is sharply messaged – kill, destroy – and all the packaging is shiny and flashy with a tough and masculine look. And everything is mint.”

Craig points out that toothpaste packaging is all red and blue, or red versus blue. He notes that the world we live in is like that – Democrats and Republicans, CVS and Walgreens, Coke and Pepsi. “I see my world not in just reds and blues, but chartreuse and other things.” The packaging tube, created in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, also doesn’t crinkle. It stays pliable, and won a 2014 Red Dot Award for its design and consumer friendly approach to oral care.

And aside from the marketing of the product, Craig says with a smile that all their pastes are clinically proven to work. “The stuff inside had to be as amazing as the idea of friendliness. There are no artificial sweeteners or coloring, and no micro beads that end up in your water system if you are lucky enough to spit them all out. We prevent cavities and strengthen enamel, and it tastes amazing.” The toothpaste comes in a range of flavors from mojito mint to peach mango mint. The natural flavors were important for Craig, “It goes into your mouth, so it should taste amazing! You have to use this stuff everyday, why can’t we make every day art that you can enjoy?”

Speaking of enjoying, the kids line has fun flavors that make it easier to get them brushing, “kids love the way it tastes so they don’t fuss with brushing and that helps with compliance.” And as for the price point, Craig says proudly, “Even though the toothpastes contain 10% xylitol (used to reduce tooth decay), which is exceptional but expensive, we still priced this affordably.” hello products are on shelves today, and the company continues to make it’s tour of major US cities. You might just run into Craig and his team giving out free samples at your local Target.

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