Hi.Q: An IQ Test That Knows You Better Than You Think You Do

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Munjal Shah spoke at Health 2.0’s WinterTech conference last month, about his newest start up, Hi.Q, and his goal to improve health knowledge and literacy.

What is the best way to measure health literacy? At the doctor’s office, you’ll typically get questions like “do you exercise regularly?” or “how many alcoholic drinks do you have in a week,” which are all questions with answers that can be massaged and glossed over. But with the Hi.Q app, the questions that define health literacy are quite different. As Shah states, “Questions on life skills (How many cups of rice are in this picture, how much meat?) and fitness training (An Olympic barbell is how many lbs?), are consistently answer correctly by people who make sure to eat healthy and exercise. You only know how many lbs are in an Olympic barbell if you lift.”


Hi.Q boasts 10,000+ health questions, approved by over 30 leading experts, across 300+ topics. Shah mentioned that over 500k people have calibrated the questions for difficulty. He says that only 21% of all Americans have the knowledge they need to manage their health, and after taking Hi.Q’s preliminary test, I can see how that is true. The questions are very specific, not conducive to guessing, and focused on one of four major types– nutrition, exercise, medical, integrative.

The app also has a discussion forum and a leaderboard to help gamify the health-learning experience. You can try it out today by downloading the app and taking that preliminary test. See if you can beat my paltry score. And if you do end up falling within the middle 50% range, think about spending a little more time learning about your health. Shah says that users with very low or very high scores tend to engage the most, while people who are at 50% engages the least. His data supports that scores are correlated to the number of self-reported hospital admissions and cost – so the higher your Health IQ score, the lower your expected healthcare spend. Now that’s some actionable news.

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