Klara: Connect To Your Dermatologist Anywhere For Check-ups, Follow-ups, and Disease Management

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Simon Bolz founded Klara, a product of goderma Inc., 1.5 years ago as a direct to patient service to connect patients with skin diseases to available board-certified doctors. “Our doctors treat thousands of patients in Germany, the US and from all over the world. We now support and encourage doctors to invite their own patients into the platform, to bring their doctor-patient relationship online for any type of post-visit follow-up and disease management,” says Simon. The app aims to provide a service as meaningful as an in-person visit, in a safe and secure manner in accordance with HIPAA.

Millions of people search for answers to health related questions online every day, and what they find isn’t personalized, and oftentimes isn’t correct. Klara provides the meaningful first conversation, or follow-up conversations needed to provide personal diagnosis. Simon attributes Klara’s growth to a number of things. “Due to demographic change (more old people), and scientific change (more diseases can be diagnosed and treated every year) mixed with the decrease in number of specialized doctors, the gap between demand and supply is getting increasingly larger at an incredible rate. Technology is the solution here. Klara tackles everything regarding communication and soon every patient will be connected to his or her doctors via an app – and we want Klara to be that app.”

Klara app

The Company started in Germany, but is focused on the US market. They are currently working with US doctors in over 30 states. Simon describes the location shift, “The US is much more attractive to us, since telemedicine is much more advanced from a regulatory perspective but also from an adaption perspective. 70% of doctors have tablets and US patients are much more inclined to use their smartphones for exchanging medical data. Klara is solely focused on the US right now and sees itself as a US company.”

The app is poised to grow in the preventative medicine and telehealth space. Klara is looking forward to adding new features to the app including e-prescriptions, video messages, and multi-user roles.

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