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Lantern is focused on improving mental health – helping people discover that emotional happiness can be heightened by controllable changes in behavior and thinking – like anxiety and stress. I took the personalized assessment that identified strengths and weaknesses in five categories – mood, stress & anxiety, relationships, sleep, and body. The quick 5-20 minute questionnaire pinpoints areas of dissatisfaction and unease in your daily routine. After the scores are calculated, Lantern provides a tailored approach to improving your emotional well-being by assigning a coach who supports users throughout the day and as they complete daily, tailored exercises.

The programs are based on an approach called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which focuses on the relationships between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through hands-on exercises, practical strategies, and real-time tracking, Lantern helps increase a sense of emotional self worth. The Company gives as an example, “By helping to identify and restructure negative thoughts, it’s been proven that through learning about yourself, you can increase your ability to deal with different and difficult situations. By practicing skills to help deal with life’s challenges, these skills provide lasting help. Your knowledge and ability to use these tools can last a lifetime.”


My assessment, “you’re doing alright, but you have some challenges with Stress Management. Developing positive thought patterns, cultivating positive emotions, and learning healthy coping skills will make a noticeable difference for you,” is pretty accurate for my lifestyle. You can take the Lantern assessment and try out the service for a week free. At the very least, it makes you more aware of which areas need more balance.

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