Lifesum: Don’t Just Count Calories, Understand Them

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Lifesum is a meal and exercise tracking app that provides data on all the types of calories you are eating to help define and reach your fitness goals. I especially love how exact it is in laying out all the nutritional specifics of your daily meals and the app gives tips and suggestions for improvement. The barcode scanner makes it easy to enter what you ate into the app, and the interface is intuitive and clean.

Your Life Score tells you what you are missing out on or eating too much of. It’s so clear with these details laid out what I should be doing to improve my diet — cutting out added sugars and increasing unsaturated fat. But even with all this information, it’s actually quite hard for me to have a healthy week – happy hours and holiday snacks are getting in my way, but by using Lifesum I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my body, and definitely more aware of the portions.

A paid subscription to Lifesum Premium also gives you access to recipes and diets. I love that most of the recipes are simple – 8 or so ingredients needed.

The app also sends reminders – for when to have a snack, drink more water, or add a forgotten meal. It syncs with a number of other fitness trackers and can pull your step count data off your phone, making it easy to guestimate the number of calories burned.

But like all apps, it is only as helpful as what you put into it – so every data entry is necessary. Lifesum is definitely more focused on healthy eating (plenty of recipes) than working out (no workout tips or videos), so if your resolution is to be a little more mindful of your eating habits next year, Lifesum is a great tool to start you on your journey.

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