Lumo Lift: Good Posture Never Looked So Good

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Lumo BodyTech’s Lumo Lift is a discrete sensor that magnetically clips onto fabric close to the body. Worn near the shoulders, the sensor is then user-calibrated to acknowledge the dimensions of good posture. The device can be put in Posture Alert or Coach mode. In Posture Alert, the device vibrates when the user has been in a specified length of bad posture. During user-set Coach intervals, when the user deviates from good posture, the device vibrates to give a gentle nudge to straighten up.

Lumo Lift

The majority of my waking day is spent semi-crouched over a laptop or scrolling through my phone. While a lot of this has been alleviated recently thanks to a standing desk, I wasn’t even aware of how bad my posture was until I tried the Lumo Lift. The factory settings start at 4 hours of good posture and 10,000 steps, but even 4 hours of good posture was surprisingly hard to maintain.

Lumo Lift iOS

The size and unobtrusiveness of the sensor is the biggest draw. While I preferred complete discreteness, it can also be worn over clothing with the clasp on the outside. Along with metallic and colorful clasps, Lumo has partnered with Swarovski to create a beautiful crystal clasp, turning the Lift into body-monitoring jewelry.

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