MOCAheart: Sleek Design Makes Heart Monitoring Fashionable for All Ages

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MOCACARE’s MOCAheart is a small, portable device that measures blood pressure related vital signs, needing only two fingers. Users cover the light sensor with one finger, and rest another finger anywhere on the top of the device. The results of the reading are sent within seconds to a linked app, where chosen contacts can also get text notifications of the results.

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The device focuses on three key metrics. The MOCA INDEX focuses on blood pressure, the Heart Rate index reflects the regularity of beats and evaluates the intensity of exercise, and the Blood Oxygen index recaps trends in blood oxygen levels to spot oxygen deficiencies.

The concept of the MOCAheart app is to keep the data relatively simple – only show the minimum to flag concerns, and do it in a clear way. The MOCA INDEX gives users a heart health score of 0 to 4, attributing to Low, Ideal, Raised, High, and Very High. Very High means that blood pressure readings (correlated to heart activity and blood velocity), is dangerously above normal. This number is the signal that something may need attention, be it extra rest or taking a missed medication.

The Company quickly surpassed it’s Kickstarter goal, unsurprisingly. What really impresses me about the MOCAheart is that while the device targets an older crowd, it is modern looking with a sleek and clean feel, which will be important towards adoption. The population might be aging, but that doesn’t mean designers can slack off on style. It’s a mistake that many chronic management startups make, but certainly not MOCACARE.

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MOCAheart Leather Sleeve Keychain

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