Nimb: A Smart Ring That Calls for Help

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Nimb was built from experience. CEO and co-founder Leo Bereschansky, couldn’t believe that his friend was attacked on the street, and although she had a can of pepper spray and a phone, there just wasn’t enough time for her to use them to call for help or defend herself. Another co-founder, Kathy Roma, was stabbed multiple times by a man she refused to talk to. Statistics say that in the United States, someone is attacked every two minutes, and the team at Nimb wants to change that.

The ring connects to a mobile app where you can set up safety circles. Preset contacts can include friends, family, emergency responders, and nearby Nimb members. Pressing the concealed panic button for three seconds sends vibration feedback that lets all emergency contacts know that you need help. It’s important to note that Nimb is not a tracking device. Your preset contacts will only be told your location once you’ve pressed the panic button, adding an additional layer of privacy. Nimb also has an audio recording function that allows you to automatically collect evidence from your smartphone as soon as the panic button is activated. With this feature, you’ll have additional situational evidence, should you decide to file a case against your attacker.

Nimb can also be used for tracking the safety of older loved ones who live alone or who may suffer from medical conditions where timing is key. Unlike other safety devices, Nimb doesn’t look anything like an alert device. It’s made from high-quality glossy metal and matte plastic, available in stealth black or classic white.

While there are lots of things to love about Nimb, one drawback is that it’s still hugely dependent on an operational smartphone with Bluetooth enabled. Still, especially for folks who work long hours or are often walking alone at night, it’s one of the fastest ways to get help during an emergency.

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