Ovatemp: A Natural Way To Improve Pregnancy Chances

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Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, Ovatemp helps women either time their intercourse with ovulation, or interpret natural fertility symptoms to avoid pregnancy. The app gives tips and suggestions specific to each individual. For more precise and easy data collection, the company created ONDO, an oral basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer. The device measures BBT, the lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period, which needs to be measured first thing in the morning. A woman’s most fertile period is during the three days leading up to ovulation, when hormonal changes cause an increase in temperature. ONDO sends BBT data directly to the Ovatemp app, and can also be configured to send data to the Ovia app through the Apple HealthKit. Pre-order the ONDO today!

We interviewed the founders (husband and wife team), Ana Mayer and Daniel Graf, for more insight into Ovatemp.

Where did the idea of the company come from?

Ana: It started from our personal experience. When we decided we wanted to start a family, we noticed there wasn’t a single place to learn lifestyle techniques that we could apply to help boost our chances of pregnancy in a natural way.

What makes your product so unique?

Daniel: The thermometer – Anna realized that inputting BBT manually is a pain (you take your temperature right when you wake), so we created a device to do it automatically, within 30 seconds. The accompanying coaching program uses an individual’s BBT data to provide daily custom plans aimed at increasing the chance of pregnancy.

How is the current way of getting pregnant insufficient and difficult?

Ana: When you start to think about having a baby you talk about it to your OB, and they ask how long you’ve been trying. We can help track this before this important conversation happens. If 6-9 months go by and you haven’t been successful, your doctor either sends you to a specialist or you undergo lots of tests, and that’s where it gets tricky. Oftentimes, couples will undergo costly testing or treatments like IVF without understand underlying issues such as low progesterone, fluctuations in weight, thyroid issues – all of which would have come up while examining period tracking and charting.

Daniel: We want to improve the conversation between women and their doctors so the doctor can make a better diagnosis early on.

Will you be expanding the product line? 

Daniel: We do have in the pipeline a way to measure LH (Luteinizing Hormone) – a surge in which is necessary to trigger ovulation. Also, our ambition is to be the premier women’s health platform, from puberty to menopause.

What are you most excited about, and what do you want women and couples to know about your company and the product?

Ana: To me, the most exciting part is how we can control of our fertility and health. We don’t realize that we are very powerful and by changing very tiny details in our lifestyle, we can make a difference in our life without hormone alterations. I went through this and proved that it works.

Daniel: Doing things naturally is important. When we get an email from a user saying they are pregnant, it’s great because we went through that process. Getting those emails is what keeps us going.

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