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I find predictions interesting. Humans make predictions almost carelessly, and unabashed I too enjoy pondering the future. While I may have been conservative last year, here are my predictions for 2014 (and to hopefully be eventually correct, beyond).

“A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.” — New York Times, 1936

  1. Consumer wearables become more accurate by being ingestible or implantable. Order yours online, FDA approved.
  2. Ambiguous grade for gym class? Low class contribution/participation? Schools start to use wearables to grade previously ‘less quantifiable’ subjects and rubrics.
  3. Emergence of classes on how to hide emotions and stress. Glass apps are being made to detect heat/sensory changes that may indicate lying, or body heat temperatures that indicate illness or nervousness.
  4. Political leaders will wear smart glasses.
  5. Medical technologies make great advances – not only more devices like the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System that restores some functional vision to the blind, but also for more cosmetic uses. Plastic surgery will become tech focused. Want a truly photographic memory? There will be an implantable brain chip for that.
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  • Chris @

    I like the quote you started with as sometimes we’re not always comfortable realizing where technology can take us. I agree with all your predictions except maybe # 2. I’m not sure if parents will allow their kids to be monitored via wearables unless parents have access to the data first. Maybe I’m wrong but I see this as something happening in a few more years.

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