Proteus: Ingestible Sensors – The New Age of e-Pills

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Proteus Digital Health makes ingestible sensors, embedded in the medications you normally take. The sensor is powered by your stomach fluids (works like a potato battery) and captures information regarding the foods you eat and how your body reacts to them. You wear a separate disposable patch, which acts as a receiver, and it takes the data from the ingested sensor and sends that information to your mobile device. The patch also measures your heart rate, activity, and rest.

This past July, Proteus received FDA market clearance and has been used without adverse events in multiple clinical trials. Still too science fiction for your taste? The sensor doesn’t stay in your body – it passes like high-fiber food, and the patch has a life span of seven days. The company is working on making the sensor provide more detailed feedback on how your body reacts to daily food and medication intake, both of which can lead to more effective and individualized treatment plans.

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