Ritual’s Essential Prenatal: The Prenatal, Reborn

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Did you know that 45% of pregnancies in the US are unplanned, and during the first 28 days of pregnancy, critical neural tube development occurs? Many women start taking a prenatal vitamin after they become pregnant – so if you are trying, try this prenatal as well. I’ve been taking Ritual vitamins now for 6 months, and as a Ritual Ambassador, could not be more excited to share the prenatal with all my soon to be mommy friends.

Here’s how Ritual’s Essential Prenatal is different:

  • Nested capsule means fewer, smaller prenatal vitamins. It’s two capsules in one.
  • It’s the first of its kind to combine Omega-3 DHA with Choline.
  • It has a vegan-friendly formula (including Vitamin D3 from wild-harvested lichen and Omega-3 from algal oil).
  • And it’s designed with the common MTHFR gene variation in mind, using Methylated Folate instead of Folic Acid, so the nutrients can be properly processed by all women to support neural tube development in the first 28 days of pregnancy (this is the same as in the Ritual vitamin and one reason I take the vitamin!). As to the importance of folic acid, in Canada, white flour and¬†other selected grains were fortified with folic acid in 1998. After this mandatory change, there has been a 46% reduction in the prevalence of neural tube birth defects.
  • The capsule is designed to be no-nausea and bypasses the stomach to release in the small intestine – the most absorptive part of your gut.
  • The bottle includes a lemon-essenced tab for a fresh experience!


For women, designed by a female founder, and build by rockstars and scientists who care about a healthier you. Get your Ritual Essential Prenatal here.

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