Swimmerix: Personalized Swim Tracker With Real Time Feedback

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Swimmerix is a new swim efficiency and training tracker that uses both a lightweight wristband and a waterproof base to create a full feedback environment for swimmers.


The portable base station connects to the wristband using wireless low-frequency communication, and can be mounted on any pool wall. The base tracks 6 parameters, including speed, calories burned, and heart rate. Calculating the swimmer’s heart rate with speed data and number of strokes, the base station then sends feedback to the swimmer via the wearable wristband. The wristband displays clear color codes to encourage the swimmer to speed up, slow down, or keep pace. A connected app also takes data from the base and with the swimmer’s individual goals, pairs the user with complementary training programs.

swimmerix features

Here’s how the company describes Swimmerix:

  • Swimmers are guided thoroughly and can get information about their progress on the go — even underwater — with color-coded instructions or on the base display.
  • The smart-tracker is not another smart watch or tracker. We have separated the screen from the wristband and built in the signal lights in the wristband to deliver just-in-time training information.
  • Swimmerix was made for swimmers at all levels, not just athletes.
  • We’ve implemented basic training programs in the app such as weight loss, muscle building, to train heart, spine and lungs and so on.

At time of publication, Swimmerix is available for purchase on Kickstarter.

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