Lifesum: Don’t Just Count Calories, Understand Them

Lifesum is a meal and exercise tracking app that provides data on all the types of calories you are eating to help define and reach your fitness goals. I especially love how exact it is in laying [...]

Hi.Q: An IQ Test That Knows You Better Than You Think You Do

Munjal Shah spoke at Health 2.0’s WinterTech conference last month, about his newest start up, Hi.Q, and his goal to improve health knowledge and literacy. What is the best way to measure health [...]

MyFitnessPal: Surprising Data Spurs Behavioral Change

As part of Lift’s Quantified Diet Project, I’ve been tracking my calories since January 1st using the free MyFitnessPal app. I’ve previously disliked the thought of tracking every meal and snack, [...]


HAPIfork: Technology That Urges You to Eat Slower, Be Happier

HAPILABS wants to make your life happier and healthier not just in amount of exercise, but also in speed of eating. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that measures how fast you eat and vibrates [...]


Ness: Tailored Restaurant Recommendations For You

Part of being healthy is about acknowledging what you eat and battling the boredom of salads five nights a week with new choices of foods you like, customized to suit you. Ness is a personal [...]