Totally Pregnant: A Platform for Expecting Moms, Weekly Updates and Videos

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Totally Pregnant is a platform for women looking for tips, community, videos, and tailored information on pregnancy. Users can tailor the dashboard to fit individual needs, such as location and stage of pregnancy. The more personalized, the more exact and helpful the site and app can be. The Totally Pregnant team answered our questions on the company and what’s to come.

Totally Pregnant seems like an all-in-one solution for pregnant mothers. When you first started building the app was there one offering you anchored on first?

Yes, our incredible 3D videos. We co-produced a 2.5 million Euros video project and had help from both scientists and animators to make these videos a clear representation of what happens in the womb from conception to birth.

What gap in the market does Totally Pregnant fill / do better than other apps?

Although young people are connected through mobile, when it comes to pregnancy and childcare, they are often blocked by bureaucracy, anxiety and they don’t really benefit from any innovative technology to make it better. Our product is here to change the way future moms experience pregnancy and control their life. We developed a platform based on timeline, location and interests of the users. It is also a way for healthcare providers and brands to directly communicate with people and offer them relevant services.

It looks like you partner with a number of sites (from yoga videos to shopping) and make some of your own videos (the 3D ones). Will you be creating more of your own content or products at some point?

TOTALLY is both a platform and a growing marketplace that will offer local and international content with the best user experience. We love to receive content from our users and from professional experts and brands. Our community is built around being able to relate to other women going through the same life events, and being able to go on that journey together.

What can we expect from Totally Pregnant in the future? Can you give some stats now on usage and downloads?

We are continuing to grow! We’ll be announcing more partnerships including teaming up with major hospitals around the world and globally renowned brands (such as Lamaze International) to provide an experience that allows pregnant women to get access to all the relevant information and services that they want, while allowing brands and healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate and offer their services to our users.

The catchall question – What is the one thing you want all mothers/families to know about your product and pregnancy?

In the end, everything that we do is just an innovative way to be there for each other. We’re a team of moms and dads who have been through the experience (and some still are!). We understand that pregnancy can be an anxious time and we want to help women deal with their anxiety and plan for the excitement ahead. By basing the app on your timeline and location, we can help you find the support network around you, as well as all the information and tools that you’ll need. We know that as well as needing professional medical advice, you also need real advice from real friends, moms and women, and that’s what our app is trying to achieve – the best of both worlds.

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