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Minimalism is a growing trend – designers tout clean lines and “less is more” in home decor, and stylists advocate a “few key pieces” for completing any essential wardrobe. It isn’t a surprise that wearables are adapting to the spirit of the times.

From the bulky first version of the Basis watch to the sleek Withings Activitié, Moore’s law is driving towards smaller, faster, more complex data machines, and human aesthetics is compelling changes in design. The two paths are obvious – either make wearables beautiful or make them invisible. There are a growing number of partnerships between the data savvy and the design extraordinary – Fitbit and Tory Burch, Case-Mate and Rebecca Minkoff, and Intel and Opening Ceremony, to name a few, are tackling the first path. There are research focused and athlete attentive startups like MC10, OMsignal, and Hexoskin that have embarked on the second path. While the two routes are not mutually exclusive, I imagine invisibility will show dominance in the long run.

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