Zensorium Being: Mindful Living Via Mood, Heart Rate, Activity, and Sleep Insights

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After launching the popular Tinké, a tracker that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation to determine fitness and stress indices, Zensorium is at it again, this time with Being. Being is sleek and fashionable, but don’t let that fool you. Sensors on the device continuously capture heart rate and activity, and research level analytics can triangulate changes in mood and stress. The team at Being answers our questions, below.

How does Being fit into the growing family of Zensorium products?

Being is positioned as a wearable that continuously monitors mood, sleep, and activity, which is another step closer to our mission of improving quality of life.

How does Being sense stress and know the difference between good vs. bad stress?

The key differentiator is that Being understands your mood, and is able to analyze if you are undergoing good or bad stress. Most of us are not able to resonate how we feel on a day-to-day basis. By being able to passively know your moods, you are therefore empowered to actively monitor and effectively train yourself to be more resilient and reduce negativity.

How does Being notify users that they need a wellness change?

As Being monitors your hourly mood, Being will also determine the percentage of time you spend in different stress zones (calm, normal, excited, distressed). You will be able to visualize easily the percentage of time you are stressed in a day and be guided with tips and videos on how to improve. As we continue to train the system, we will also work with partners to release new features.

zensorium being

What are the top priorities for the design of the wearable?

Top priorities for us include long battery life, water resistance, and use of hypoallergenic materials. For the design, we prioritized functionality over aesthetics. Usually, a customer buys something because she needs it. Only a fraction of customers will buy simply because of how it looks without knowing what it does.

Currently are there other products Zensorium has in the works?

We have 3-5 products in the pipeline that we have yet to announce.

Being is available for pre-order; estimated arrival date in late Spring. Special thanks to Juliana Chua, Zensorium Business Innovation Group.

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